Antique Restore

Antique Restore and repair

Whether it’s beautiful antiques, unrivaled restoration or spectacular interior design, our company DamageCare will assist you in creating your perfect environment with Antique restore.

First I want to tell you about our company. We are a family business with people with a soul for restore of damages. We have been around for over 21 years and give you a five star service.

We repair, chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, chair upholstery fabric to leather upholstery. We restore Antique and modern furniture, most of the removal damage we can recover at home.

We also restore vases, glass and paintings. We spray furniture in other colors or the same color. No relocation damage is too crazy. Also we do cleaning of mold damage.

This Chest of Drawer we restore at client home:

Antique Restore chest

Antique Restore Chest

We combine the old with the new- the unique with the practical. We source all our furniture from anywhere in the world and ensure it is chosen for its singular charm and originality.

Our Home restoration service is famous for its unmatched quality and our interior design expertise has been established from over seventeen years of delighting in the joy of creating beautiful homes.

We work with specialized professionals who have years of training and experience in the field of damage restoration. They have experience with modern furniture and antiques. Knowing the value of your furniture and that you want to have a Perfect result.

Deep scratches in Dining Table, this can be repair at your home.

Screatchs in Dining Table

Scratches in Dining Table

We are conscious that you are not just anyone and certainly not let just anyone work on your furniture. We would like to give an explanation of what we do to your furniture and how we restore at home.

What materials we use and the guarantee we give.

Oh warranty, for us it is normal that we give a lifetime warranty on our restoration work!