Most questions and answers (FAQ)

 Is your company a member of a relocation trade association?

We are a membership of the EURA association. A member is obliged to abide by the rules of trade association EURA more information click here.

What do your company repair?

We are specialist in repairing of relocation – moving damage on furniture, antique and modern that is what we do in home of client. We also repair items in our work place such as vase, picture frames, stock images and bigger damage. We pick up and deliver.
We repair also leather and upholster damage.

Do you company visit client first?

Not always, but usually and submit it to your client who we are and what we can repair and what is not possible to repair. We take pictures of the damaged items and send this to you with the estimate cost for repair. But if you have good photographs of the damage items, we can make an estimate whit out visit claimant.

What if the customer is not satisfied with the repair result?

We come back as service for free, we give three years warranty on our work. Is repairs in the warranty period not possible, we give money back based on amortization of depreciation.

Do you also repair Home appliances, antique clocks and Hi Fi Equipment?

Yes, together with our partners we provide this with warranty. We pickup and deliver our we tray to repair this at home.

Do you work in Europe?

Yes we work in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands and more countries en yes we give also our warranty in this countries.

More questions?

Do you have more questions, please let ons know and that we can help you by. You can click here to email us, so that we have contact.