Floor Damage Repair

Floor damage can be come after moving furniture across a floor can often result in scratches and/or marks on your floor. DamageCare© can repair various types of floors; for example Parquet, stone, Marmoleum, Hardwood or Laminate. Each type of flooring has its own repair method.

In this video DamageCare© would like to give you an idea on how we repair various floor damage. We would like to recommend that you take the time to see the entire video. Images show much more than words can say.

Of course every floor type is different and requires different repair method. DamageCare© have this specialism in home and can help you with floor damage repair.

Let DamageCare© help you with us floor damage repair service and let us explain you how we repair:

Parquet Floor - Scratches

Parquet Floor – Scratches

Restore of an floor is normally intensive-work and costly, since often there floorboards removed and must be replaced. DamageCare© is trying to avoid this as much as possible. DamageCare has developed a technique which damages can be repaired virtually invisible. The damaged area is from Gefrees and filled with an epoxy material and finely sanded, then manually with a very small brush the wood structure on the filling material inputs painted. All this is finished with two component abrasion resistant clear coat, in the right gloss level.

Novilon, linoleum and vinyl flooring repair by DamageCare©

Damage in floors that are made on the basis of a homogeneous mixture (raw materials) can be restore by DamageCare© means of fusion technology. A compound is used, and with the help of heat, the compound is a strong bond with the surrounding material. The material of the structure is painted inputs and also with some durable two-component transparent hard lacquer finished in the correct gloss. So even Marmoleum click laminate is to repair well.

Cork flooring repair by DamageCare©

Cork floors are available in many designs and in various colors and kinds of super low density to high density. A cork floor is made up of a lower layer (backing) and a veneer layer (the design). The Cork oak with its official name Querus Sober, is a very strong natural flooring. DamageCare© can restore such floors are shown by means of a granulate with a grain mixture of adhesive on a natural basis. Finally the repair area is equipped with a new lacquer to ensure the durability of the repair.

Wooden flooring, Parquet or Laminate repair by DamageCare©

Parquet is a collective name of various wood floors and not any type of parquet can be repaired accounted for by a local repair. A slat floor can be restored properly through local repair. With a solid floor or tapie floor is advisable to replace parts that are damaged.

Natural stone and Flagstone floors repair by DamageCare©

A new technique that DamageCare© have in-house to repair damaged works on Ultra-violet light, thereby filling material dries very quickly. The result of restoration is stunning. Also damages in slate floors that are often difficult to repair can be properly restored.

Flagstone floors can by their glaze difficult to be restored, DamageCare© has through an etching method possible in house cracks, tears and repair holes in tiled floor durable. The damage is finished with a two-component abrasion-resistant transparent coating.