How we can help you

How we can help you with our relocation – moving damage repair service?

To help you and your client with relocation – moving damage you give us by email ( the address and contact details of your client with an overview of the items that are damaged by this moving, as well as any further information you believe is relevant for us.

We will start by contacting your client in order to make an appointment for a personal visit. Once a date for a visit/survey has been set with your client, we will inform you on this. During the visit we will not only make a full report but we will also take photos of all damaged furniture and objects by the relocation.

Furthermore, we will explain to your client which items we can restore and which cannot be restored by our company DamageCare. Additionally we will explain to your client how we will restore the items of this relocation moving damage.

After this visit you will receive from us the rapport, the  photos as well as a detailed quotation for repairs of the relocation moving damages.

It is not always a given fact that all clients prefer to restore everything.

With 20 years of experience in relocation moving damage, we sense what your client would like to restore and what your client would not like to restore.

Try us out free of charge for relocation moving damage service, if this is the first time you turn us!