Relocation Furniture Repair in Europe

Damage repair and destination service in Europe. Antique restore, Artwork repair and modern repair. Help for a request for damage assessment. We are members of the Relocation association.

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You have relocation damage?

Relocation - Moving damage on Furniture, parquet floor and walls

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Cleaning mattress our clothing

Mold, Mildew, Smutty Cleaning Services Pickup and delivery

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Repair of Relocation - Moving Damage

Cabinet, chairs, sofa, bed, antique, table, upholster, picture frame

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The Company DamageCare Europe

The Staff, administration, manager and more

Relocation Damage Repair

Damage Care Europe is a mobile repair company that has his Head Office organisation in The Netherlands. Moving abroud the see and then have relocation damage can be unplessant. Your looking for a company that can help in Europe and can trust that doing good work?

Do you have relocation - moving claim damage in your house, the floor of wall and also your furniture. Do you need help for destination service, hanging picture frame, install cabinet our TV, Hi Fi Euquipment? We can help with restore, repair or cleaning this for you. Please send us a overview and detail picture for a estimate by email

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