Take care of your damage

Repair of damage to antique and modern furniture, chairs, tables, wall furniture and pianos. In addition, parquet floors to walls, stairs and paintwork

Full service relocation damage repair company

We are a full service relocation damage repair company. We repair relocation damage on furniture, sofa, painting, frame, parquet floor, clocks, home appliances, Hi Fi equipment, Artwork restore, cleaning of mattress, clothing and more in every country in Europe.

Relocation damage repair

We repair damage to dining tables, chairs and closets

Different types of repairs

We repair kitchencabinets, kitchen counters, paintings and Hi Fi installations 

Furniture repair

We also repair leather and fabric furniturev

Do you need a repair?

We would love to help. You can call us or send us an e-mail. Read the steps below to find how out how we work.


Visiting the adress

We visit the adress to explain the way we work, what we will be doing and what the result will be. This is the same information we will give your client.


Calculating a price for the inventory of the damage

If you are not yet a client, we will charge an amount for the inventory of the damage. We will discuss the costs with you before we arrive.


Calculating a price for the inventory of the damage | Client

In case you are a client requesting a damage repair, we will send you a message about our visit and a rapport of the damage with a cost overview. Until we have received an agreement from you, we will wait with further actions towards your client.


Follow-up appointment to repair the damage

In consultation with the customer, a follow-up appointment is made to repair the damage. After the repair work, you as a customer must agree, so that we as a service provider and you as a customer are satisfied.

In house damage repair

Mobile repair company

Schadezorg Europe is a mobile home repair company and repairs damage caused by burglary, water or moving damage at home. If home repair is not possible, we will collect the furniture and carry out repairs in our workshop.

Relocation damage repair

Does your customer have damage to buildings and household contents due to, for example, moving damage, and do you need help? We are happy to help you by means of a inventory visit and a report that we can send you.

General information