Clock repair

Clock restoration after a move is possible, but requires professionalism. Clocks can consist of several parts that are not only large but also made of different materials.

Ambient heat or moisture during transport, for example in an overseas container, can damage the wood and / or the instrument causing damage. SchadeZorg Europe BV, can often restore or repair damage to the housing of wood at home. We can do this in your home or in our workshop pending the nature and extent of the damage, as well as your preference, if possible. We have repaired many clocks with damage, some of them very old with mercury and glass.

Clock repair after damage caused by a move

We can outsource instruments for clock repair to our partner, a professional clock instrument repair company. The broken clock is picked up and we deliver it to our repair partner who will repair it. This is part of our services and the warranty during transport, as well as repairs with us. We have different types of veneer in stock in our workshop. After we have visited you, we can assess the veneer with samples and determine the color needed. The restored result must be that the damage is no longer visible and the clock has retained its value. We can help you with clock repair from A to Z!

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