Audio Hi Fi repairs

For audio HiFi equipment repair, we work with a company that specializes in all types of audio instruments. This is how we ensure that your equipment is repaired to your satisfaction.

Audio Hi Fi repair services

We offer a three year warranty on repairs to computers, stereo base, TV, speakers and Hi Fi components! We pick it up and return it after repairs to your customer. This is part of our service package to your customer.

When moving, damage can occur to audio equipment due to the method of transport and packaging by road or sea in a closed container, temperature differences and movements during transport. It also happens that there has been a power surge due to mains voltage differences or incorrect disconnection before packing and preparing the transport of audio equipment.

Damage to audio HiFi equipment that has occurred as a result of moving, can be repaired with warranty! We guarantee that the manufacturer’s warranty on your Hi-Fi audio device, TV, sound box or computer remains guaranteed during the repair.

We have already had more than hundreds of HiFi stereo, computers and musical instruments repaired and can therefore say with certainty that recovery of any installation is possible. After investigation of the defect, problem or damage, a quotation can be made. For this, the device will have to be placed on the examination table to gain insight into this. You can then assess whether recovery is worthwhile or whether it should be disposed of.

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