Different types of repairs

We repair various types of damage. You can contact us for clock repairs to cleaning your furniture and coatings.

Clock repair

Clock restoration after a move is possible, but requires professionalism. We can help you with clock repair from A to.

Audio Hi Fi repair

For audio HiFi equipment repair, we work with a company that specializes in all types of audio instruments. This is how we ensure that your equipment is repaired to your satisfaction.

Kitchen repairs

Problems that we often encounter are that damaged countertops or kitchen cabinets can often no longer be replaced, because it often concerns a product from a series that is no longer in production. Reordering is then no longer possible. We can restore your countertop or cabinets to their old condition without color or design difference.

Cleaning matrasses and clothing

Cleaning mold on objects like mattresses is a specialty that we have in our company with experience and equipment.

Painting repairs

We repair painting frames made of wood, aluminum, plastic, polyester and many other materials. We also repair the painting canvas ourselves.

General information