Furniture repair

Leather and fabric repair can often be repaired in the house. We can handle leather coating with superficial damage by means of fusion technology.

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Leather and fabric repair through fusion technique

Fusion technique works as follows: the leather, artificial leather or PVC is roughened in the vicinity of the spot to be repaired and then the damaged spot is degreased. The damage is filled with a compound. By adding heat, the compound forms a connection with the environment. This is actually the moment of fusion, whereby the material forms one whole with the environment. Then a template is made to copy a copy of the profile. The paint is sprayed on the repair site with a fine airbus, after which the mold is fired with the profile. The result is amazing and the damage is gone. Burn holes and cracks in leather sofa coating can be repaired very well by us and we have been doing this for more than 20 years.

Leather repair
We have been doing repair damage to leather coatings in hotels, homes, companies, boats and cars for more than 20 years. It is often burn holes, scorch damage, cracks and scrapes caused by moving. Damage due to drying out on the dashboard can be easily repaired, but the material is often so dried out that cracks on another part can occur, which is why we advise not to carry out repairs.

Fabric repair

By means of a 50-color collection of very, very fine dust particles, we can repair most of the fabric damage to furniture on the spot in the home. A reinforcement cloth is placed under the tear and in it is a compound where the initial color of fibers is built up. The repair is amazing and is protected with a Coat adhesive.

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