Kitchen repair

The kitchen plays an important role in the purchase or sale of your home. The choice for purchasing a kitchen is wide, not only the color, design and brand, but also extras such as built-in appliances make it a difficult choice.

Problems that we often encounter are that damaged countertops or kitchen cabinets can often no longer be replaced, because it concerns a product from a series that is no longer in production. Reordering is then no longer possible. We can restore your countertop or cabinets to their old condition without color or design difference. We have been doing countertop repairs for over 15 years.

Damage Care has developed various techniques to repair damage to kitchen doors, frames and kitchen worktops. Various durable repair techniques are possible for damage to countertops, depending on the type of damage and countertop. These are applied in consultation.

The options for repair of kitchen worktops

Damage to a countertop can be locally repaired by milling out the damaged spot and filling it with an epoxy material, the spot is finely sanded and then manually painted on the structure with a very small brush on the filling material. All this is finished with a two-component hard wear-resistant transparent lacquer in the correct gloss level.

It is also possible to mill a Cesarstone to camouflage the damage spot in the worktop. The Cesarstone is available in various designs and sizes and is often used in the counter top as a sales plate. Damage Care will cut the stone into the countertop and will not cut a hole in the worktop as others do.

The possibilities for repairing kitchen cabinets

Damage to a kitchen cabinet door due to fire causing the foil to shrink or water damage causing the MDF material to expand can often be properly repaired. In case of water damage, the object is first dried before the damage can be repaired. As soon as the object has dried thoroughly, it is examined whether repair can be done locally or whether it should be renewed.

If we estimate that repair is possible locally in such a way that the damage is no longer visible, we will proceed to repair by removing the scorched spot or cut that was caused by an accident. We fill this with an epoxy resin and make a structural mold from the plastic veneer. We often mix the color on the spot, due to weather conditions the kitchen cabinet door discolours or due to use (Read cooking) and smoke. The original RAL color is often no longer applicable.

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