Relocation repair

We work on behalf of domestic and foreign insurers throughout Europe on transport damage of antique and modern furniture, lamps, Hi-fi instruments, paintings and frames and also the cleaning of mattresses. Repairing damage caused by a move is our daily activity to floors, walls, stairs and furniture.

Repairing damage caused by a move

Repairing damage to cabinets, tables and chairs can usually be carried out on location. We can also repair damage to leather, vinyl or fabric upholstery. And of course also floors made of wood (parquet floor), laminate or natural stone (tiling), we repair on location.

Fusion technique
We can repair leather coating with superficial damage by means of fusion technology.

The technique is as follows: artificial leather or PVC is roughened in the vicinity of the spot to be repaired and then the damaged spot is degreased. The damage is filled with a compound. By adding heat, the compound forms a connection with the environment. This is actually the moment of fusion, whereby the material forms one whole with the environment. Then a template is made to copy a copy of the profile. The paint is sprayed on the repair site with a fine airbus, after which the mold is fired with the profile. The result is amazing and the damage is gone.

Furniture damage

Depending on the type of damage, we repair it on site or in our workshop. A dining table with many or deep scratches will probably be picked up, while a wall cupboard with a dent or scratch can be repaired in the house. We make a decision in consultation with you.

Transport damage to stairs, ceiling or walls

Accidents can always happen. For example, with packed furniture that you bump into the wall or handrail in the last bend of a staircase. We also clean stair coverings that have become dirty.

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